The truth is the person standing next to you, who you secretly admire or envy because of their success is in a better position than you because they either:

A. work harder than you
B. work smarter than you
C. go beyond the bare minimum
D. have mastered the skill of confidence and self-promotion

Or hell, E. All of the above.

The difference between those who are successful and those who solemnly crave success is that the person who is successful has identified what success looks like to them. Not only have they identified it, but they have envisioned it, wrote about it, created a vision board, talked about it, spoke to it, spoke about it, planned for it, and have discovered a way to obtain it.

You want to be successful?
There’s no blueprint, besides the obvious. Go out and get it.

Not only have those people who are basking in their success identified what it looks like to them, but they have also stayed up late at night building onto their vision, they have learned the art of prioritizing and they have denied invitations to party or hang out because they are fully aware that the number one way to go from good to GREAT is by going all in.

As harsh as it may sound, half-assing is for the weak.

As I get older and desire more for myself, I realize that not everyone is on the same page as me. Some people are content with doing the bare minimum, or simply the minimum. Some people are so comfortable doing just enough to get them by, that they are oblivious to what is taking place. But as the old saying goes, when you know better, you do better.

I don’t believe in placing all of my eggs in the “corporate America” basket. People complain about the lack of pay that they receive from their job, they complain about not being hired, how difficult it is to find work, etc. But the truth is…corporate America doesn’t owe you anything. They never promised to make you rich, in fact they can reject you at any time. Without a single notice. AND corporate America will always control how much money you make, if you’re relying on Corporate America as your only stream of revenue.

Why give anyone that much power?

Are you creating opportunities for yourself, or are you relying on others to open doors for you? In the workplace or even working as an entrepreneur we can fall into the habit of waiting for a yes, or other form of approval before we move to the next level, or even reach a milestone in our journey. It’s important to remember that approval is needed from no one. This is real life, not grade school and nobody needs to give you permission to move to the next level. Be great on your own terms.