I can’t believe it’s Spring already! Although I live in California, I was definitely ready for it. It didn’t get too cold here, but there were some days where it was just cloudy and sorta blah out. It doesn’t rain much in SoCal but when it does rain…It rains for about 2-3 days straight, or it will simply rain all day.

Now that Spring has sprung, I am opting to do some Spring cleaning. This season I want to clear out ALL clutter and make way for the good stuff. As I sit here and think, I am asking myself “what clutter do I have in my life?” To answer that, there’s not a whole lot but there are some serious lifestyle changes that I want to have control of and the only way that I can do that is by releasing the things that are not helping me reach my lifestyle goals.

So here they are…

1. I only want to have clothing that I love- clothing that is either bold and cheerful and clothes that are minimal and versatile. I’m learning that I don’t need a whole lot of clothes to be happy. I just want to look nice daily and feel comfortable while doing so. So I will clean my closet, get rid of things that I don’t wear much and things that don’t look great on me. I also want space and organization in my closet. A cluttered closet makes my life sooo complicated. This is a good example of the type of clothing that I want in my closet.

Spring Fashion

2. More water, Less Juice. Less meat, more veggies – I spend way too much money on unnecessary items when grocery shopping. In efforts to save money and to live a healthier lifestyle and to stop aimlessly shopping I want to start shopping the perimeters of the grocery store and I also will begin taking advantage of my neighborhood Farmer’s Market. Beyond that I’ll stop purchasing juices and focus on drinking water and possibly even making infused water regularly. ( What’s your favorite infused water recipe?) Strawberry,  mint and lime sounds yummy to me!


3. This one is pretty simple. I’m going to declutter my social media activity by deleting inactive social media accounts, this also includes unsubscribing from mailing lists that I never read the emails from. I will also clean up my current ones and make them cohesive to match my evolving personal brand.

4. Go where I’m valued. I’m seeking growth in all aspects of my life – all of the situations that I am currently involved in that do not align with my desire to grow, be great and build will get the boot. I never want to become too comfortable or attached to anything. That’s when complacency creeps in and I’m so not about that life. Screen shot 2015-03-29 at 5.02.46 PMWelp…there it is. My initial Spring cleaning journey begins. Once I get my closet organized I’ll post some photos.

I’m just here to be great.GBLA