If you were to see me lately you’d probably notice that I am glowing. You’d be surprised to know that it’s not because I magically came up on a huge stack of money, I didn’t hit the lotto and no I am not pregnant! Lol so don’t ask.

I’m glowing because I am finally learning to love my journey, and for once in my life I can say that I truly have everything that I want to start what I feel is phase two of my journey.

In May 2014 I took a leap of faith by moving to California with a suitcase and a paid internship. I was living in my brother’s apartment for a little over 6 months and as patient as he tried to be, he was ready for me to get the hell out!  I had transportation issues, which made me nervous that  I’d lose my job, I moved into a roach infested apartment and had to move right back in with my brother. I dated a guy that I should’ve never wasted my time with.

But eventually after enduring what I considered “the struggle”,  my journey took a turn for the best.
I got a job promotion, I met a new guy who I am crazy about and who reciprocates the emotion, I found an apartment that I absolutely love, and my creative juices have been flowing more than ever! ( New business venture soon..maybe!)

Now that I have a clear perspective with less stress, I am able to sit back and look at the bigger picture. I noticed that during my journey so many things were up and down, but throughout the process one thing remained constant…and that was my faith. I knew something good would take place, but I had no clue when it would happen and what it would be. My mom has always told me that God works in mysterious ways…sometimes he has to shake things up a bit so that we will appreciate the blessings that are to come. Things were certainly shaken up in my life, but for once in my life I am truly learning to love the journey.

“She believed she could, so she did.”