“For just one minute…don’t worry about getting better, stronger, faster, thinner. Think back and acknowledge how far you have come, and be PROUD.”

After I almost purchased a one way ticket back to Michigan, life started happening. And of course it was happening all along, but blinded by what seemed like a slow process, all I could do is think about my struggle opposed to my small victories. I want to make this entry short and sweet, for the sake of my short attention span and your well being.  I have the tendency to rant when writing, all while using poor punctuation and a shitload of grammatical errors. But here’s the deal…

A few amazing things have happened these past two weeks:

1. My cousin visited California from Indiana- We made a trip to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. I wanted to do some real shopping, but after walking around for hours, I only ended up buying this snazzy new hat. We also ate Chory Dogs at Melrose Trading Post!


chory dogs
chory dog

2. I got a job offer from the company that I’ve spent 3 months doing a paid Event Production internship at – What’s even better is I’ll be working with the Creative Department. If you know me, then you know creativity fuels my being. So I’m excited to flex my muscles and add value to the team!

3. I apartment searched my ass off – I never want to do this again. Calling apartments and getting sent to voice-mail, reading awful reviews about bug ridden apartments in LA and having to search on a budget for a studio or one-bedroom apartment hasn’t been the easiest task. But all the hassle has paid off.

4. I signed my lease and got the keys to my new place today – This is my first time official living alone. In college my roommates and I shared an apartment, before that I had a dorm. I’m roomie free, and I must admit- I’m so happy about it! I can dance around naked, do cartwheels, sing loud, and whatever else my heart desires.

I’m so thankful that God is opening doors for me and teaching me the importance of small victories.

I’ll give you a peek inside my crib soon. ( Stay tuned! )