“So, tell me about yourself…what makes you happy?” He asked as he stared at me thru the screen of his iPhone. I did that thinking thing, that I always do when I feel pressured to respond a bit more quickly than what I prefer to. A Capricorn such as myself requires moments of solitude, time to think, time to conjure a response that articulates my exact thoughts.
Short of time, I responded with a list but truthfully I wanted to say something quick that could do for all. Something like.. “waking up each morning to see another day makes me smile”… But admittedly, that response is far too manufactured for me, and If you know me then you know I pride myself on being real.

The little things make me smile. Truthfully… As I discover myself, I learn more about what puts a smile on my face.

Here are a few of those very special things:

1. My boyfried David. I am still in awe that God has blessed me with such an amazing human, but I am thankful for every ounce of him. <3

2. Nature- During the spring and summer I love spending time outside, I go for walks throughout the day and ride my bike any chance I get.

3. The sky- I love taking pictures of the sky. God definitely put on a show when he created the sky. Fluffy clouds, rainbows, beautiful colors. Oh my.

4. Fall- I live for everything fall. Fall fashion, fall hues, leaves, the not too cold but just right weather, cider, pumpkin patches. The holiday season anticipation. Everything.

5. Being politically incorrect and okay with it- I consider myself a hoodrat at heart. Shrugs.

6. Smoothies- I love smoothies. They can totally replace any dessert for me.

7. Cool packaging- If I get my masters, I’d consider studying packaging. I’m a fan.

8. Dancing- Some of my friends say I have no rhythm, others lie to me and say that I do. Nonetheless, I like dancing to my own beat as if nobody is watching.

9. Children- I love kids, but I’m in no rush to have any. In fact, after an hour you can have your child back.

10. Smelling good and men that smell even better.- I can’t date a guy who doesn’t wear smell goods.

11. Family- My father taught my brother and I that family always comes first. I’ll instill the same values in my children.

12. Being naked- Hey, what can I say? There’s freedom in the nude.

13. Genuine people- Omg..genuine people almost make me want to cry. Give me a hug.

14. Tea- I love tea, especially Teavana’s Chai Tea.

15. Lipstick and nail polish- I love color!

16. Working out- I need to do better at doing this more often. When I don’t workout I’m disgusted with myself. When I workout I feel amazing. I need an accountability partner, any takers?

17. Goodmorning text messages- or even have a good day text messages. Show me that it’s real.

18. Puppies- They’re the next best thing to children. lol

19. Cartoons- I love Planet Sheen. I have it on DVR. *blushes*

20. Books- I buy books all of the time, but never finish them…

21. Music- I’m not a mainstream type of girl. I enjoy discovering fresh talent that many people don’t know about. My brother usually puts me up on the good ish.

22. Cupcakes- They’re cute and yummy. I’ve thought about opening a cupcake shop of my own.

23. Elephants-They’re sensitive. They cry real tears. They’re intelligent and amazing.

24. Piercings and Tattoos- I love body art and I kind of like the pain that comes along with it. Don’t judge me.

25. Traveling-I hope to do a lot of traveling in 2015 and beyond.

26. Happy People- Happy people make me smile.