Seriously, how can you deny this little guy?

Most situations that are awkward or weird to some are completely normal to me. I don’t embarrass easily and I usually like to go against the grain, even when it comes to date ideas and non-traditional ways to meet “datees” ( is that even a real thing?) I digress…


We met on Tinder, chatted on there for a couple of weeks, although I admit… I am not the best when it comes to keeping up with the Tinder talk, so I’d receive a message from him and I’d chat for a bit and fall off the face of the planet. Somehow I’d always return, ready to continue our conversation. Eventually we exchanged numbers and texted a bit, we spoke on the phone twice in the same evening and we’d plan to meet soon after.

The idea of outdoor music sounded like a great idea to me. I knew of a free concert in Downtown LA  and was totally interested in us going together, but the idea of visiting puppies sounded much more appealing.

I asked him what kind of music he likes, he mentioned that he’s pretty open. Great! I wanted to gauge whether or not he’d be a complete close-minded douche, or if he was down for a good time. I like all genres of music, so my “datee” should as well. Blah, It was a Sunday afternoon, and on most Sundays I venture to Studio City, CA and visit my favorite Rescue Retail Store.

So that’s exactly what we did…

We met up in Studio City, CA. I stood on one side of the street, talking on the phone with my mother- not entirely ready for this date. As I was ready to opt out of the whole online dating scene, due to the realization that most online daters are seeking a “booty call”. He crossed the street, wearing black shades and a fitted cap. “Oh, he is too cool for school”, was my initial thought. But I respected the fact that he’d join me on my Sunday excursion to my favorite pet store- Lucky Puppy and Rescue Retail. He was tall, dark and handsome and what girl wouldn’t want to walk into a dog shop with a tall, dark and handsome chap? My point exactly.

We went inside the pet store… he filled out his waiver so that he could sit down and play with the pups. I’m thinking to myself, this guys smells good, he’s dressed nice, I know he’s hating this weird ass dating experience. I felt pretty bad, but this was the perfect way to see if he had a compassionate bone in his body. I’m sure this sounds like a test, in a way it was, but I was also very curious to learn more about him in an abnormal first date environment.

I hope he doesn't hate me for this.

I hope he doesn’t hate me for this.

After we left Lucky Puppy and Rescue Retail, he suggested that we go to Brickyard Pub in North Hollywood. That was a great idea, we rode there together, had a few drinks- IPA’s for him and a variety of hard ciders for me. He beat me in pool, we took mugshots, shared a lot of laughs and headed to Big Wangs for food, music and more laughs. We ended the evening with a bang and I’m sure we both can add this to our list of weird first dates.


Lucky Puppy and Rescue Retail in Studio City, CA

Lucky Puppy and Rescue Retail

12238 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 370-5516