Today I thought about the importance of creating a sacred space for myself. One that allows me to get away from interruptions, distractions and anything else that shifts my attention from focusing on “my thing”. And I realized these days my energy has been split 90/10… I’m giving myself 10% leftovers and corporate work 90%. Today I found myself having to write down the good things that I had done for myself.

The thing is…

What you do to please others should never outweigh what you do to please yourself.

My list was at an imbalance. I’m not satisfied with this. In fact, It’s a vicious cycle. But as I type this I feel lighter, simply because God has brought it to my attention. In order to make any change, you must first come to a point of realization and I am awakened, I feel something brewing. I say all of this to say… Expect some changes. Because I am.