It happens all of the time. We talk about what we want to accomplish, we create lists, we set goals and sometimes we even go as far as sharing our ideas with others…only to let them fall by the wayside. Sometimes we second guess ourselves and simply talk ourselves out of acting on them. It’s totally normal, but it’s definitely NOT okay.

Think about it… What if we executed half of the great ideas that we come up with… Or even one of those ideas? Whether it be starting a blog, a business, a non-profit…
We would feel so accomplished. We would be great.

Far too often we think about all of the obstacles that we think will hold us back before we even give our idea a chance.

The truth is the only real obstacle that is standing in the way of a great idea and execution is yourself.


What if we capitalize on the motivation that we first feel during that initial spark? Studies show that our most inspirational peak is during those 72 hours, after those hours are up we begin to lose our enthusiasm and our motivation to conquer. Ideas are powerful and too good to go to waste. I’ve learned that not many people are creative enough to come up with good ideas regularly. Great ideas are scarce. Which is why it’s time for you to make shit happen.

If you have an idea that you’ve been dying to execute then you should start by starting. Stop waiting for other people to validate your idea. Stop thinking about the obstacles and start thinking about the opportunities that lie ahead. And if you don’t know where to start…just start. Even if that means writing your idea out in a notebook and adding onto it as more ideas come to your mind. All of these pieces will eventually help you to develop a complete vision.

What are you waiting for? Harness your greatness!

I’m here to be great.