Alone at Chinatown Summer Nights.

Alone at Chinatown Summer Nights.

We’ve all experienced one or maybe even more of those situations when you wanted to go somewhere or do something really bad, but that one friend that you invited flaked out at the last minute… Yeah, I hate those types of friends. After having several of those experiences I learned the importance of being comfortable enough to do things alone. It can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone and being the pink elephant in the room, but suck it up and be an adult. The only way that you can move past your fears, is by facing them. I had a good friend that always use to say “big steps, over tiny fears” and she was right.

I admit, I haven’t always been the bravest girl-I use to be afraid of going places alone, whether that place was an event, a restaurant, the cafeteria, a movie, etc. The thought of doing things alone made me cringe. Fortunately I have found that there is peace in being comfortable doing things alone.

Here are 6 things that have helped me become comfortable venturing out on my own:

  1. Start off small- Going everyday places like the mall, movie theater, a restaurant, and the nail salon are great starting points. Going  these types of places will allow you to warm up to the idea of being comfortable alone.
  2. Step outside of your comfort zone- Go places that you normally wouldn’t think to go alone; a festival, a networking event, a bar ( only light drinks, be smart)
  3. Show up and show out- Go to events with active settings, such as music festivals, a comedy club, an improv show. Let your hair down. Allow yourself to be that girl immersed in her surroundings. Laugh hard, dance even harder. Take photos, or even selfies if you dare.
  4. Smile at people- it will make their day, as well as yours.
  5. Small talk with strangers- A little small talk can open the door to big opportunities.
  6. Tell people how cute their dogs and children are.
  7. Get over the fear of being embarrassed- most people wish that they were as brave as you!

Cheat tip: Ladies, guys are much more open to sparking conversation with women who are alone. Groups sometime intimidate them. Who really wants to get rejected in front of a group of hot girls?

Do you have any other tips on how to become comfortable being alone? Leave a comment!