great brittla

Hello & welcome to! I’m sure you’re probably wondering “what or who is GreatBrittLA?” Well, to answer your question…I’m a millennial entrepreneur who is on a mission to harness greatness in every aspect of life and these are my musings.

I relocated from the Midwest to Los Angeles on a whim in May 2014, which is one of the craziest and most fulfilling decisions that I’ve made in my life. I met my boyfriend, attended tons of events and became friends with some of the most amazing people ever. I also shut down a profitable and highly sought out business by the name of My BrownBox when I realized that it didn’t align with my ultimate goal- to achieve happiness. I invite you to join me on my journey of self-discovery, peace, love and happiness!

Fun Facts About Me:
I’m a Facebook fan page junkie, a mobile app freak, who loves to to explore, drink smoothies, attend events, people watch, talk about brands, see smiling faces and immerse myself in the different cultures.