Tell me… do you know what it feels like to bear your soul? To give yourself permission to be completely vulnerable and open…to love, friendships, embarrassment, shame, judgement, opposition, discomfort, learning, unlearning, newness, wholeness?

When is the last time that you gave yourself permission… to experience freedom…

To feel.

To heal.

Have you made the decision to be free?

I have. At 29, I am the most open I’ve ever been. I can feel the air in my chest, I feel love in my heart, I feel joy in my spirit, I feel the vibration of my voice as I choose to take up more space in this infinite world. These are all conscious decisions that I made at the beginning of this year. I reflected on my life, my patterns, habits, what I deem as flaws, failures, achievements, the whole 9.  Through self reflection, I have learned the importance of living a life filled with intention. My soul is full when I know that I have turned my life into a practice of baring all and brining my most authentic self to the forefront each and everyday.